Seiko Breaks Benchmarks with Billboard Campaign

vertical: Apparel / Retail


Global watchmaker Seiko wanted an innovative way to drive awareness and sales while acquiring leads for its line of sleek solar chronographs for men.  Motion Media services pulled out all the stops in a rich media display campaign that combined eye-catching animation, an in-banner sweepstakes entry and the celebrity appeal of musician/ actor Wang LeeHom.


MediaMind recommended a new IAB Rising Star format to help Seiko reach its goals. The MediaMind production team worked with MSN Malaysia to concept, design and produce a highly interactive, attention-grabbing solution incorporating video and a lottery. The MediaMind production team also utilized data capture and measured user interactions to fully understand campaign results. Targeting males age 20-35, the campaign utilized an IAB Billboard format featured on the MSN homepage. The pre-Fathers’ Day campaign showcased Wang LeeHom alongside the Seiko line of solar timepieces and enticed users to enter to win a watch for dad - with all data entered effortlessly within the banner itself. Users could also click through to a short video featuring the superstar in action.


By providing multiple routes to engagement within a single ad, this campaign delivered out standing results across Seiko’s dual goals of branding and data acquisition.

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    Rich-Media IAB Billboard

We are thrilled that this online advertising campaign has achieved such good results. It’s a first for us in trying out such a creative ad format, and after
looking at the outcomes, we now have full confidence in exploring many other innovative options for our upcoming digital marketing plans.

Michael Lim | General Manager of Thong Sia