standard display

Why drive when you can fly? Standard banners should not be denied the sophisticated tools enjoyed by other digital media. MediaMind brings Standard Banner serving to new heights, with best-in-class analytics, cross channel integration and enhanced relevancy capabilities. With MediaMind, all campaigns travel first class.

Manage Campaign ROI. The holy grail of analytics is at your fingertips. Get real time ROI data, down to the ad level, calculated automatically from media cost and revenue entries in MediaMind. Monitor positive or negative return and know whether your ads are paying off.

Working with several performance-based networks (affiliates, ad servers, SEMs, etc.) and managing tracking tags on each site can be a time-consuming and expensive headache, often causing advertisers to pay multiple affiliates for the same conversion.

MediaMind Conversion Tags eliminate the need for multiple 3rd party tags and enable advertisers to manage all their tracking from a single interface. Conversion Tags report post-click activity to any ad network configured in the tag. This saves the hassle of adding redundant tags, managing them across ad networks, and the need for painful re-coding due to all-too-common changes.

When the tag is called, the 3rd party tag associated with the last ad will be called - ensuring you pay only once for each conversion. If changes are needed, it can all be accomplished on the fly from MediaMind, and will immediately be reflected in post-click activity reporting. And with MediaMind's de-duplication technology, advertisers pay just once for each conversion.

Analyze the entire campaign.  Combine the power of MediaMind Analytics with the flexibility to work with any SEM tool to analyze and optimize standard, rich, search and emerging media.

Monitoring campaigns has never been easier.  Quickly drill down to the granular level with MediaMind’s award-winning Campaign Monitor to ensure creative performance meets expectations. Analyze behavior throughout the campaign. Notice a problem? Optimize on the fly using the fully accountable MediaMind platform.

How much time does your media department spend on mindless tasks? AdSnap is a perfect example of MediaMind’s innovative (and, let’s face it, refreshing) dedication to agency needs. No more searching and refreshing for ads to show clients upon a campaign going live. MediaMind fetches them for you, and delivers them in a presentation-ready PowerPoint deck. Kind of nice to know someone’s finally looking out for your needs, isn’t it?