open workflow

MediaMind integrates with the tools you already use to fit into your agency’s workflow. The platform’s openness extends to all digital channels, giving you get a high-level view of the entire campaign’s performance.

Getting your campaign up is just half the battle. MediaMind’s robust API makes your data as simple and streamlined as your campaign setup. Work with any bid management, planning and buying, or site-side data partner you wish, and integrate all your data within MediaMind to de-duplicate your results and prevent double entry.

By working with global campaigns in MediaMind, the agency and advertiser can compare the effectiveness of the global campaign across territories and analyze consolidated data from all the local campaigns in MediaMind Analytics reports.

And for those who are counting, MediaMind's 36 representative offices serve all major markets worldwide. This global footprint allows MediaMind customers to create and execute global campaigns with top service levels, publisher acceptance, integrated metrics and real-time optimization.